BBQ at Rafa Nadal's

Back in 2014, during my first year working for Volcano City in Edinburgh. The company was commissioned to produce a short video and a VNR package for worldwide delivery to news outlets. Pretty standard stuff, except this time it involved tennis legend, Rafa Nadal.

Producer “Hass” Peymani, Freelance cameraman Jonnie Lewis and I sporting twin FS-700’s, jumped on a plane to Mallorca after booking a few items from a local rental outfit. 

Being the sole bilingual member the crew, I took care of interviewing Rafa for the VNR, he was marvellously professional and polite as you would expect out of a man who deals with the top -level press as constantly as he does.

Except for the light setups and cameras and other members of the press, it was a very casual environment with a Barbeque, wine, tapas and friends. Just the right fit for the Spanish Summer.

Note: VNR stands for Video News Reel and is a series of shots and interviews which are packed for distribution for other news outlets to use. Like so