Communities with Natural Intelligence is a short documentary commissioned by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature to Lalala films. 

in June 2013 I was lucky enough to film deep within the forests of Talamanca, in an area in which what side of the border you’re in makes absolutely no difference to anyone.

 In other words, these communities are mostly out of the reach of modern nation-states. The man and women living in this jungle covered border area conduct a very different lifestyle to our own. A lifestyle in which a sense of balance with their surrounding natural environment is of great importance. Sacred is not too strong of a word to describe just how important it is.

The edit process was a cooperation between myself and Juan Jose Sibaja and Jose Andres Vargas (I know almost the same name, but not quite)

Personally one of the most interesting aspects of the video was being able to carefully listen to one of  the indigenous languages of my country for an extended period of time. It is remarkably different ot anything you’ve heard before. There was this sort of equanimity that came across when words were spoken. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it is truly interesting to hear.

This was probably the last project I edited using Final Cut 7, just before transitioning to Premiere.